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The low-lying Vale of Mowbray, which lies between the central Pennines and the Hambleton Hills, is the location for a remarkable concentration of Neolithic monuments. This includes no less than six large henges, which are all almost identical in their size and design, located within 10kms of each other. They are the largest such sites outside the Wessex chalkland.

The significance of this area is emphasised by the existence of other nearby monuments. Immediately to the south of the Vale of Mowbray lies the imposing stone settings of the Devil’s Arrows, while to the north is the cursus at Scorton.

The most impressive of the henges from the Vale of Mowbray are the three sites at Thornborough (SE 7928). This monument complex has been the focus for a recent fieldwork project and is subject to ongoing investigation.

From this brief introduction there are links to the various aspects of the Thornborough project. The monument complex is discussed in more detail and a virtual tour allows you to navigate the current landscape. Information is provided on fieldwalking results, excavation and how the Thornborough landscape may have been experienced by the builders and users of the monuments. A list of publications is also available.

Map of the Thornborough Area

Want to find out more about Thornborough and Henge Monuments? Why not read 'Henge Monuments of the British Isles' [Tempus Books] by Dr. Jan Harding

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